Nuptial Agreements

You need proper and comprehensive advice at the outset of drafting these documents to maximise your chances of their being recognised and enforced by the courts later should your union break down in the future.

At Blanchards Law we are instructed by international couples who have family or other money, and are able to ringfence that with the full cooperation of the courts in their countries of origin. It is only when they live in England that any premarriage arrangements are called into question. You need to be aware of certain essential elements in an English agreement and you will want to include these to ensure as much as possible that your preacquired assets are safe.

You will have many concerns as to what is necessary before an English judge will impose such an agreement on a party.  There may also be foreign provisions which may need to be included and we have links with good family lawyers in other jurisdictions who can advise appropriately on those. It may well be that you ought not to conclude your settlement in the United Kingdom at all, and we are able to draw upon our knowledge and experience to assist you in this decision.