International Family Law

Whether you are a foreign national, have property or married abroad, we have extensive expertise in dealing with situations such as yours.

We are frequently instructed in cases where there are three or four different countries involved, and clients require our knowledge and experience to unravel their complex family dynamic, and give them sound and clear advice as to the most appropriate jurisdiction to resolve their matter. ‘Forum shopping’ is the practice adopted by litigants to get their case heard in a particular court or jurisdiction that is likely to produce favourable judgement. Every case is unique, and none more so than those with expatriate or international elements.

We might be brought in by you at the beginning of your international dispute, or perhaps you are already in the midst of proceedings in a different jurisdiction and require our help for foreign conflict resolution. Either way, we can assist either by ourselves or by utilising our network of lawyers and experts all over the world to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. We can also look at the enforcement of financial orders made abroad, or at financial proceedings in the UK after a foreign divorce. How do you enforce a foreign maintenance order or compromise an international jurisdiction dispute? We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through these difficult and complicated scenarios.