Financial Issues

We can advise you on how to achieve an early financial agreement and guide you as to the likely asset split on your divorce. We recognise that you require support and empathy at this stage of your life as well as cold hard facts. Realistic advice from the outset tailored to your particular circumstances can protect you from impersonal court proceedings where you can feel lost and helpless whatever your gender.

There a few hard and fast rules for settling financial matters and maintenance on divorce and separation, and we can navigate you through the various principles and guidelines which may apply to you and any children you may have.

We are experts in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative law and mediation, which aim to avoid court altogether. However if financial proceedings are necessary, together we will work out with you the best strategy to try to realise your goals. We can also assist you if your case has international disputes as we have extensive links with firms around the world and can refer you on to specialists in other jurisdictions where appropriate.

Our Procedural Guides and articles are free to download from this website and will be a valuable aid to you during the process.

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