We are parents ourselves and understand that you will be very worried about them and their relationship with you on the ending of a marriage or relationship.

You will have many questions. We can provide expert advice to support and assist you on the following and other issues:

  • With whom shall the children live? We advise on the living and contact arrangements for children on divorce or separation;
  • How often will you see your child if you leave the family home? We can guide you through the law and apply to court where necessary for Visitation, Access or Contact (referred to as “spending time with”), to include Father’s rights and Grandparents’ rights;
  • What happens to your parental responsibility and parental rights if you are no longer in the home every day? Who deals with education, religion and other matters involving your child’s upbringing?;
  • Guardianship of children and what happens to them if a parent dies;
  • Child support and maintenance issues.

We know that you want to protect your child from arguments where possible, and as mediators we can listen to both parents who wish to resolve their conflict outside of the court arena.