What to do when your spouse wants to divorce in a different country to you.

                By Punam Denley of Blanchards Law


Sometimes family law proceedings can be taken in more than one country.  Clients and some divorce lawyers are often at a loss to decide where they should divorce when they have a variety of links with different countries.  For example a husband may be born in one country, married in another but living with his wife and children in a third country.  His wife may be from yet another State, and having separated she may well have returned there. Clients seeking advice from properly qualified lawyers with international experience

What does the decision in Petrodel v Prest mean?

By Punam Denley of Blanchards Law.

Yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court (12 June 2013) reaffirms what family lawyers have long believed: A party who has placed his assets within a company which he wholly owns and controls, cannot protect those assets behind the ‘shield’ of the company, and thereby prevent a financial claim from his spouse in divorce proceedings.