Can Children Lose Out After a Prenuptial Agreement Has Been Signed?

Prenuptial agreements are not automatically recognised in family law, although the government has made noises to say that legislation may well be brought forward to make them binding. It is clearly not a priority however, and it is likely to be many years before that happens. In the meantime, couples and family solicitors alike are reliant upon the discretion of a judge to decide whether or not he will take such an agreement into account.

The Bare Necessities – What Bare Trusts Mean For You

A bare trust (sometimes called a simple trust) is one in which trustees hold property for the beneficiary, with all capital and income derived from it belonging to the beneficiary by immediate and absolute right.

The most common use for bare trusts is to settle property on minors (under 18 years of age in England and Wales). The trustee has no discretion in the trust, and must surrender

What Rights do Grandparents have to their Grandchildren?

The Government signalled this week in a letter to MP its intent to introduce legislation, not only to give fathers equal parenting rights, but also to oblige the courts to consider grandparents’ rights on the breakdown of a relationship. The high cost of childcare in the UK, as compared with other countries, means that grandparents are increasingly taking