Points to Consider for Pre-Nuptial Agreements


Pre-nuptial or Pre-marriage Agreements (“prenups”) represent a difficult issue for a couple to grapple with, and are often viewed with suspicion and seen as unromantic. As the title suggests, they are only raised when you and your partner have decided to get married, and are an additional pressure at a time which is fraught enough as it is.

There may be good reasons to enter into an agreement, such as the need to provide for your partner’s children from a previous marriage, or to safeguard a family inheritance from division if your relationship was to founder. It is a good thing, as it sets out clearly the parties’ expectations on the breakdown of the marriage, which is crucial to the resolution of a dispute. This serves to protect both proposed spouses from stress later on.

The agreement must fair. It would not be right for one partner to be debarred from